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The  in Stams/Tyrol/Austria  is a unique museum made by school students who planned, designed and prepared all interactive exhibits. The museum is dedicated to people of all ages and coordinated by students, teachers and parents. Guided tours and special math days are organized on a regular basis.

Pestallozi´s motto was "Learning by head, hand and heart". In the museum the order is changed, which is expressed by hands-on experiences. The interdisciplinary project started with the development and production of exhibits for a mathematical museum. The MatheMuseum, located in  Stams/Tyrol, is created by students for children and adults alike. The project is designed interdisciplinarily: In addition to mathematics, computer science, arts , business education, music, physics and history, all subjects are invited to jointly develop and present exhibits with the students. The idea of tactile learning is already very old, even Confucius once said: "Tell me - I'll forget it; explain it to me - I may remember; let me do it - I'll understand".

Long night of mathematics at College of Education 2013 (workshop for students)

Special math events are organized: For instance the very popular “long night of maths” is a competition between several teams consisting of students and parents, using the interactive exhibits.

Long night of mathematics at Meinhardinum Stams am 2013

Long night of mathematics 2010





a project of the institute of mathematics at the university in Innsbruck, Austria


2 wins Who is beautiful?
B1N0METER in the world of numbers Somacube
Pentomino chess” in the department casino Smiley-Puzzle
magic square consisting of persons in the department- Puzzle hieroglyphics translator
3D-SUDOKU the Mayan calendar in MatheMagics



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